Monday, August 16, 2004


Moore Nonsense: The Triumph of the Shrill

University film studies courses have a new art masterpiece to praise. It appears that Leni Riefenstahl, has now been surpassed as having produced the “greatest documentary” (somewhat ironic).

Michael Moore, the contrived blue-collar Manhattan millionaire, has directed another popular screed -- Fahrenheit 9/11 -- reminding us that Bush is Hitler, Bush is stupid and, paradoxically, Bush is a genius at manipulating world events --for oil. A novel appraisal, indeed.

Since the audience of artists and intellectuals at the Cannes film festival gave Moore an unprecedented standing ovation, we must assume something profound and noteworthy in the film’s photographic technique, direction, and overall aesthetic greatness. Is it perhaps possible that this snobish crowd was actually expressing enthusiasm for Moore’s Left-wing politics more than a genuine appreciation for superior creative artistry?

Like myself, there are some people who probably miss the time when viewing a “documentary” meant an enriched understanding of the life of the Wild Sea Otter or sunspot cycles.

Most of us don't have the money or trendy support required to produce a Michael Moore style “accounting of facts.” Realistically, anyone could use film media convincingly to “prove” the depraved state of any country or political leader. Moore has chosen his home country and its current president to perpetuate the myth of America as evil incarnate.

Genuine deceptions, distortions, and fabrications aside, this Noam Chomsky in proletarian costume has ultimately produced nothing more than a personal rant on a popular theme. In the philosophical war now taking place between open, diverse, and dynamic society vs. authoritarian collectivism and Islamo-fascism, Moore, like most of us, has taken a side (how many of us are really “neutral” observers?).

According to Moore, “The Iraqis who have risen up against the occupation are not 'insurgents' or 'terrorists' or 'the enemy.' They are the Revolution, the Minutemen, and their numbers will grow -- and they will win.” There are no doubt many “simple-minded people” who are likely to be offended by such comments, particularly in view of the fact that Moore's favored “Minutemen” have killed young American soldiers (as well as numerous innocent Iraqi bystanders).

So, Michael Moore hates the country of his birth and consequently thrills others -- fellow leftists -- who despise it as well. Should we be impressed?

Of course Michael Moore woud tell us that he doesn’t “hate America,” but merely hates America’s history and its free market of products and values (Liberal Democratic Capitalism). He certainly hates conservatives and their fears regarding the excessive role of state interference in individual citizens lives. The fact that many American citizens agree with the current president in the importance of confronting Islamo-terrorism is certanly another key focus of Moore’s disdain.

The star of the Cannes film festival has now received his fifteen minutes of fame. He’s a hero to some, but why exactly is hatred for one's country of origin seen as heroic? I was born in Ohio, In Moore’s skewed world, I should feel guilty and seek to rid my country of the most successfull and dynamic system to have ever occurred in human history. Why is the legacy of numerous collectivist tyrannies, historical and contemporary, disregarded when measured to the shortcomings of an open society and the concept of self-government?

America’s founding fathers knew that, in an open society, when one extreme position exerts itself, a countervailing view will make a stand as well. This has begun to happen already in response to the ludicrous excesses of post 60’s Leftism.

There are now a host of Internet sites devoted to point-by-point analysis of just how far from objective reality Moore took his viewers in “Bowling for Columbine” and there are also now articles and blog sites which itemize the fabrications and deceptions in “Farenheit 9/11.” Already several private media endeavors seek to expose the fraudulence of Moore's rant. Most noteworthy, “Michael Moore Hates America” -- a counter documentary to Moore's bitter screeds.

When the full force of justice emerges and the lies of Michael Moore are widely exposed, the Left will gather around their angry icon and fall back to victim mode (a classic with them) shouting cries of censorship and Right-Wing Fascist backlash. The truth is, not everyone agrees with Moore and they certainly have a right to break through the leftist screen that bridles most college campuses, public schools, entertainment, and much of the mainstream media. For his part, Moore -- in typical authoritarian socialist style -- has threatened to sue anyone who dares “defame” him or his works (e.g. disagree with him).

Adding to his litanies against Bush and the vast Right-Wing conspiracy's attempts to lower taxes and limit government/socialist expansion, Moore now tells his fans in Europe that Americans in general are “stupid.” This, added to previous depictions of Americans as selfish, cruel, and violent. When I hear such bitter rants expressed by Moore and his followers, I always wonder what life would be like if they were “in charge.” Of course we know, because there's a long history of such world views put into practice. The history of “Revolutionaries,” from Robespierre to Pol Pot suggests that angry leftists aren't really quite as peaceful, loving, and tolerant as they like to pretend. If choosing between cleansing political purges or garish fast food franchises, more sober observers would likely choose McLifestyle and its patriotic President who still prays to a transcendant god.

Michael Moore has clearly reached his highest point. The truth regarding his past and greater insight regarding his motivations will likely become even more widespread. He’ll fade from his temporary throne of ego-centric dogmatism and the country he hates so much will still allow him his complaints while a fringe following of crackpot Leftists still pay him homage. Then he’ll be just another whining socialist millionaire – and, what’s so special about that?

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